Monday, January 4, 2010


Same shit, different day. Or perhaps same shit different year? I hate the feeling you get when the festive period comes to an end you are faced with the inevitability of going back to work. Post-christmas depression if you will. That day is today for me, and I really wish it wasn't!

Anywho, 2010, does a new year always mean you have to "start fresh", "new year new me" etc etc? I actually liked how my 2009 went. I don't wish to change any of my habits, my choices, my lifestyle etc, it didn't affect my 2009 in any way so hopefully the same rules apply for 2010.

Although I will contradict myself slightly, I do wish to get a new job at some point this year... But lets face it, not many people are happy with their jobs, I happen to be one of those people.

To all those reading this I hope this year is going to be as kind to you as I hope mine will be to me!


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