Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Metaphor Fail

It’s snowing again..... This is not dreadfully too exciting as London has had the better of the snow overnight, much less than anywhere else in the UK.

To contradict, it’s kind of exciting, though, because the only snow we had last year was in February, but for some reason this winter seems more in touch with the snow. Obviously it is not that exciting for the people unlucky enough to have been in any car crashes, or anyone unlucky enough to have been snowed in somewhere they really don't want to be.

I was having a good think this morning on the way to work (dangerous I know), with my windscreen wipers on full, my speed kept to a sensible number, unlike the rain, there is no metaphors to describe how heavily it is snowing. There are a few metaphors for raining, such as “it's raining cats and dogs”, “it's spitting” or simply just “pouring.” You can't really say "it's snowing cats and dogs". It just doesn't fit, and there aren't any other good expressions. All you can say is "it's snowing hard", which, to be fair is pretty poor. I guess when it’s snowing, people say something along the lines of “it’s like a blizzard out there,” which is actually not a metaphor (or even a simile) because you’re not comparing it to something it’s not, you’re comparing to something it arguably is – a blizzard.

I felt the need to try and create some snow metaphors myself:

"It's like a sheeps blanket out there!"
"It's like a dandruff drift out there!"
"It's like Snow Whites fleece out there!"

That is the best I could do, feel free to add your own...


LJC said...

"It's like an explosion at a cotton wool factory!"

christina said...

"It's snowing something other than cats and dogs."
And my friend just suggested, "it's snowing lime bats and frogs."
Uhhhh. Yeah, we failed.

christina said...


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