Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Toaster Please

I decided I wanted toast. However my toaster had other ideas. Whether it was a blown fuse on the plug, or the fact it is about 5 years old now, my toaster was, well, not toasting anymore.

Before you ask, referring to my blog title, no, I did not put any socks in my toaster.

I then had to settle for toast the old-fashioned way, I used the grill in the oven. It took twice as long and it seems to toast the crust better than the bread itself.

I should have gone to the cafe. I would have done but I was let down by Simon who went out last night and was unable to get up this morning due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed last night.

Simon you owe me a new toaster.


Shannon said...

You should try pan fried toast. It's amazing. Just put it on medium, spread butter on the pan, immediately put the bread down flipping right away to get the butter on both sides. Then, toast to your desired need. Easy, and delicious.

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