Monday, February 22, 2010

Bath Time

Hello readers! Again I have unfortunately left and un-holy gap inbetween my posts, however I wish to make amends by showing you what a great time I had in Bath. So to follow up on my previous post, yes, I went to Bath for a long weekend, it is safe to say I have been there on countless occassions, my brother Colin lives over there and I try to visit him as much as humanly possible! Everytime I have gone I have not gone for the sight seeing, no, I only ever go to see my brother, hit a few pubs/bars and generally have a great time!

This visit was slightly against the grain, I went with my girlfriend this time (with obviously the thought of seeing my brother also) but this visit was going to be different to the usual goings ons... A romantic weekend if you will, where I would proceed to actually "sight see"! I can't begin to count how many times I have gone to Bath and not actually been a proper tourist. So without further a-do, I am proud to present some photos for your viewing pleasure...

"We are here". This is yours truly pointing out exactly where we are on le map.

Just a typical Bath street.

The Royal Crescent. The "posh" Part of Bath. It is the curved buildings that amaze me!

A band stand in Victoria Park I believe, had to be photographed.

This was just on the entrance to Victoria Park, a World War 1 memorial if my memory serves me correctly.

The famous Pultney Bridge which I continuosly referred to as "Putney" Bridge... I was embarrassingly corrected by my brother.

A view of Pultney Bridge from on the bridge itself, the way the shops are on the bridge strangely made you believe you wasn't on a bridge at all, it just seemed to blend in with the two roads leading up to it!

Baths famous boomerang shaped lowhead dam (also known as a weir). Definately worthy of ones camera.

One of the taxi options available when in Bath.

I had to photograph this, a house on Queen Square completely engulfed with what looks like dead vines. Very eerie indeed.

Here once lived Jane Austen apparently...

Just a picture I wanted to take to show off some of Bath's architecture, I particularaly like to engraved road signs featuring on the side of many buildings.

A strangely dressed fellow outside the Jane Austen centre. I had to get a picture with him!

bath Abbey in all it's glory!

Darlington Street, there is nothing historically special about this street, I just liked the last house, the engraved road sign etc...

This creature is Colin, my brother.

Another view of Baths' weir.

I had to get a picture of this, whilst rumaging round one of Baths many book shops I came across a huge wall collage of Tin-Tin comic strips.

Talent like I have never seen before. This man was playing the violin whilst walking on a rope. I failed at taking a picture of him when we saw him in the evening as he was doing his act in front of a well lit shop which seemed to over power the flash on my camera. Luckily we spotted him again in the day time.

On one of our many walks around Bath we discovered this heavilly-weathered building, which I assume once upon a time had some very eye-catching Art Deco advertising on it.

Whilst in the queue to see the Roman Baths this woman was entertaining passer bys with her soothing music being played from what I can only guess is a very well dented tin bowl of some kind. The sound was similar to that of a steel drum, but not as agressive with the drumming part.

Outside the Roman Baths with the Bath Abbey lurking in the background.

Outside the entrance to the Roman Baths.

A small waterfall withint the Roman Baths structure.

This is the main bath itself, I just loved the reflection you got from just looking at the water, let alone the steam rising from the water as well.

The girlfriend :) Doesn't she look cute!

Whos that dashing young man? Oh sorry thats me!

Another view of the main bath.

At some point a strange man dressed in white robes came out of the structure.

By far the best picture I took from the whole weekend, I can get all "arty farty" with a camera but sometimes it is worth it!

The flowing water entering the main bath from inside the structure.

This was a second but smaller bath situated away from the main bath. Isn't the architecture just amazing?

Second bath again...

And again...

...... And again.

Finally, if my memory serves me well this small room was for massaging or something?

I hope you enjoyed my pictorial guide of our visit to Bath. It is truly a wonderful place and without sounding too "salesmanish" I would recommend anyone to go and visit.


Fiona said...

I love Bath! And considering I live 25 minutes (drive) 15 minutes (train) away I pop there quite often...

I also have to say I worked at the Jane Austen centre in their tea rooms for a summer and Martin (the guy you're pictured with) is one of the dirtiest minded people I've ever met... he's a legend though!

suriya said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life


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