Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I just want money...

Thats what I want! Seriously though, money is the source of all evil, you can never have enough of it at times when you don't need it, but when you really do need money it can put a damper on your dreams...

Now you might think I am being a slight bit over the top, but the bottom line is, I have a dream, my dream is to go to America and play college soccer. In order for me to do this I need to get a scholarship, scholarships pay for your education in return for you playing soccer for a the scholarship college in question. This might sound all hunky-dorey but there is so much more costs involved than that.

First of all, most colleges out in the US don't offer full scholarships, so you have to pony up the dough to pay for the remaining tuition the scholarship does not cover. There is also visa costs, costs for taking a SAT test, costs for converting any qualifactions you may have in the UK to US equivalents, applying for the "clearing house" (which is the institution that rubber stamps international student applications), costs for verifying qualifications, health insurance and flight costs (for going out there initially and for visiting back and forth from the US to the UK. There is also a problem with living out there, under a student visa you are not permitted to work off campus, and being a "student athlete" out there tends to take up alot of time so part time work might not even be an option.

If I had the money I would have no problem with the above. My wonderful girlfriend has even offered to help me out, but being a man I have refused. That is not the main reason though, the fact I am a man means I have my pride yes, but I would not want to ask her for money, the odd tenner here and there, if I need to use her card online etc, but most of the above I could not afford, and I couldn't expect her to pay for the rest. The actual fact is that I love her so much that I am afraid to let her down, if I accept her financial help and fail out there then how could I live with myself?

All in all I apparently (through seeking advice) I would need £1500. To some that might not sound alot, but my job does not pay particularaly too well, I have other obligations aswell. Maybe dreams are always meant to be dreams?


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