Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fireman Sam Eat Your Heart Out!

I have a cat, it is safe to say that this cat is at best described as "doolally"... Because of the cold weather my cat has been a bit too domestic lately, not going out, staying in the warmth (which is probably a very clever thing to do), however this morning my cat was not so clever... I had not long been up when I looked through my bedroom window only to find my cat outside on top of the garden fence looking rather un-easy. I went downstairs and out into the garden and had to 'rescue' my cat from the jaws of the garden fence. She had managed to get through the cat-flap (which is a struggle for her as she is yet to grasp the concept of it, even after 9 years) and climb up the fence and somehow get stuck... I repeat, doolally!

Anywho, apart from my daring life saving antics I have not really got much else to share with you. I am still under the weather and had to sacrifice my nights out this weekend because of that, I don't mind though as I do enjoy staying in with the Girlfriend and 'vegging' out on the sofa watching a good film. Tell a lie, we actually hit Chinatown on sunday night for my Girlfriend's Dad's 49th birthday, despite the freezing cold it was a nice evening, we had Chinese food believe it or not....


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