Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brickin' it

Here is a few pictures from the weekend. One of my good friends Chris (red chequered shirt) is sodding off to Austria with John (green chequered shirt) until April next year! So in celebration of his last friday in London we got pissed in style, well we went Brick Lane actually. Good night, ended up with some epic walk which ended up rather uneventful and also ended up with 4 of us in a cab home-bound, but I heard Steve and our friends for the night Gemma and Jasmin got home at 7 in the morning!!! (I do not envy this however I do know tfl can be a bastard like that).

The first picture features me, my girlfriend Tash and a homeless fellow (or so he says). For his time dedicated to our picture I gave him 50p, I now regret doing this as the next day Jos (blue chequered shirt) went down to the Lane with his mum and our photo-friend apparently abused them with foul language... When will the karma kick in ay?


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